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Types of Stand

On this page you will find examples of our core range of stands which is made up of tried and trusted standards that have proved their worth over decades of use in both retail and wholesale showrooms.

If you don’t see what you are looking for here, or would like something slightly different, get in touch and talk to us about our design capabilities.

Tiered 6 Slot Closed Display Stand

Tiered Closed Display Stands

Tiered 10 Slot Wide Open Display Stand

Tiered Open Display Stands

Steep Tiered 10 Slot Open Display Stand

Steep Tiered Open Display Stands

Flat 6 Slot Flat Slotted Display Stand With Tiles

Flat Slotted Display Stands

Black Cotswold 12 Slot Slotted Display Stand With Tiles

Slotted Display Stands

Cotswold 17 Slot Horizontal Tower Stand

Tower Horizontal Display Stands

10 Slot Counter Top Display Stand

Counter Top Display Stands

Closed 8 Slot Upright Plank Stand

Plank Display Stands

Curved Closed Cradle

Special Display Stands

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